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Things.Saturday, September 3, 2011
After getting the driver's license, i found that driving isnt about the speed. Yeah, while your in this country, where there are just about many speed bumps like the pimples your got on your face. And yes pimples get annoying just looking at it, but on the other hand, speed bumps really get on your nerves when your doing a straight. Lets put it this way, your doing 80 on a speedway then suddenly a lump of tar is ahead of you. You brake hard. I mean HARD, then you go over it and you're wasting time. If you have a car that goes 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds then its fine by me, but why would you drive a car that fast to run over a speed bump in the 1st place. So now you are going extra slow, just like everyone is. And that is really as slow as the internet connection could be in my country. Then so my hunger for supercars suddenly drops. I mean big time. Just the thought of driving my precious car over the speed bump that fast kills me. So i turned to Youtube and watch Top Gear to satisfy my hunger. I would listen to the engines of a V12 that would make my hair tingle. Its great innocent pleasure. Innocent and pleasure does not go along mind you. You simply be tempted to think about the fast cars all day, and you just lose focus in what you are doing. Its not good. Not good at all. Far worst for a SPM candidate whose exam is coming just right the corner.
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9:30 AM

my birthday!!Saturday, February 6, 2010
few days ago was my birthday!! very geng chao arh!! go ioi sing K !! all the geng chao friends got go loh.

at there sang, most jay chou songs... then later lady gaga songs, taylor swift songs and many more la!!

full already loh

group picture!!

Forgot already what day, i received this from Yuki and Elisa. The chocolate one very nice.
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12:56 AM

Merentas Desa 2010Saturday, January 23, 2010
This year run la!! Me, Lok Mun, Aaron, Kiiro.. all said run. We did run. Haiz... very tiring arh!! So fast then so many people keep running already (some ran away from the school as fast as possible)

Almost reach back the finish line, me and Aaron thought lok mun already finish but no woh. He came from behind. hahaha..

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that friday!!Sunday, January 17, 2010
Haiz, that friday is Beatrice last day of school at wawasan!! Next to change school is Xavier. Coincidence?

Picture worth a thousand words. My friend forgotten his pants

lou sang

Me, that orange colour like bottle over there is the crappy apple juice

Kelvin, online searching for a BASS ARH!!

Rick playing guitar

No more la!
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12:02 AM

Lately arh..Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Lately.. this past few weeks been going to USCI there jam. Nice... School reopen loh, so cannot stay at home, must go school suffer. Nothing nice to post already la, been there done that... almost everything the same expect for my feelings.

My interest in drums grew stronger after jamming with friends. Then still aiming to perform.

Because of few words to post, i rather post it on Twitter or Facebook... So this blog is to post really interesting stuff... ( Twitter or Facebook post rubbish only, i got one friend everyday post rubbish. )
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11:36 PM

Countdown to 2010Thursday, December 31, 2009
Gone to 1 Utama there watch Paul Wong from Beyond perform arh!! Go until there then Paul just came out arh!! Then with help from Zidane, me and Rick made our way to the front. Really hard arh, too many people.

The pass to enter the zone!!

Guitarist left, bassist right

Paul Wong

countdown until 1...

BOOM BOOM BOOM!! got green, got red, got yellow

After that, the people keep shout ENCORE ENCORE ENCORE!! Then they come back out perform few songs, and Beyond de famous song 海阔天空

Paul Wong

Two Beyond members

Beyond and Crossfire

Finish empty stage..

Happy new year 2010 arh!! woooooo!! woooooo!!
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8:56 PM

AVATAR!!Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The best movie to end 2009 arh!! Avatar is just a geng chao movie!! The start to finish really just wah. Especially when they reach Pandora. That world is just so cool. The war scene arh, just too geng chao!! Best movie to end 2009!!

At night

Hallelujah Mountains
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